Our Last Ceremony and Gathering

In late October we will close JourneyWorks in Burlington and move to southeastern Massachusetts. Before we do so we want very much to share ceremony and celebration with you one last time. Please join us at our home on Saturday, July 6th, from 6-8 pm for ceremony, to acknowledging the changing year, and to share stories and memories of the many gatherings we have had over the last decade and more. As always, please feel free to invite friends and family to join us.
Bring vegetarian food or drink to share, items or flowers for the altar, and food for the fire.
RSVPs appreciated if you plan to attend or require directions to our home. You may reply directly to this email, or contact us at journeyworks@hotmail.com or 802-860-6203.

Upcoming Changes at JouneyWorks

After many years of providing psychotherapy and education to the Burlington, Vermont community, we will be closing our Vermont offices on October 24th, 2019. We are profoundly honored to have held so many of your stories, and walked alongside so many of you on your life journeys. We will miss you and our work here deeply.

While we are closing our Vermont offices, we intend to remain connected to the Burlington community, and plan to continue to offer services, including teletherapy, shamanic assistance, and distance Reiki. We expect to be in Burlington periodically and to be available for meetings and classes when we are in town.

So, where are we going? We are moving JourneyWorks to Southeastern Massachusetts in order to be near family, to focus more on our art, and to explore new ways of supporting individuals, families, and communities as we collectively navigate the immense challenges we all face in these times of Earth Changes.

We’re not yet sure what the new version of JourneyWorks will be. We will continue to offer expressive arts based facilitation for persons and groups.  We envision strengthening our shamanic work, enriching Jennie’s Reiki practice and teaching, and increasing our coaching services for persons and groups focused on the arts, social change, and the environment. We are also excited to offer coaching to couples and families, and to persons and families facing trauma, illness, or disability.

Stay tuned for updates as we move into this next life stage.

June at JourneyWorks

Reiki Clinic

Tuesdays,  3-5:30 pm

JourneyWorks offers  a weekly Reiki Clinic from 3-5:30pm. Come in for a 30 minute session. Whether you are new to Reiki or looking for a weekly “tune-up” to support your well-being, you are welcome. Reiki is a healing and meditation practice that facilitates healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. With Jennie Kristel, Jackie Pichette and other invited Reiki practitioners. Reservations necessary: $10-$30.00. Sliding scale. Great for a gift certificate idea. www.journeyworksvt.com 802-860-6203 You won’t regret it!

Reiki Share
Thursday, June 13, 6:30-9pm
Led by Jennie

This is a wonderful way to share Reiki, both for Self and others, by giving and receiving Reiki from each other. Learn from others how they are using Reiki, and have a place to rest and be rejuvenated. End by sending energy out to the world and to those who request energy but are not able to come. Light refreshments will be offered. Feel free to invite other Reiki practitioners that you know! If you are unable to come but would like for the group to send energy to you, please let me know. Feel free to invite friends. All levels of Reiki are invited. RSVPs please.  Free

Reiki One Class
led by Jennie
Friday May 24, 6-8:30pm and Saturday, May 25th, 9:30-5pm.

Feeling ready to increase your Self Care tool kit? Come learn Reiki I Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing. Students will learn the fundamental history, uses and Self Care practices of Reiki, and the 5 Principles of Reiki in a warm supportive and creative environment . Limited spaces available. $150.00 includes all art materials, manuals and on going support. Call Jennie at 802-860-6203, email: jkristel61@hotmail.com, www.journeyworksvt.com. held at JourneyWorks, 1205 North Avenue, Burlington VT

The Arts: Pathways to Comfort and Joy

Drawing, painting, sculpture, dance, movement, theatre, puppetry, photography, and music are all potent pathways to healing.They provide a safe way of telling one’s story, conversing with differing parts of ourselves, working with a dreams, and engaging the numinous to build resources and resiliency.  They can also increase physical, spiritual, and emotional health, while fostering learning and the development of new skills.

Jennie is an Expressive Arts Therapist and can help you address a range of symptoms including, but not limited to, reducing pain, anxiety, and tension. She uses a broad range of arts, including theatre techniques such as psychodrama and Playback theatre, to help clients clarify issues and chart new directions for health. While commonly used for personal growth, the Expressive Arts Therapies can also be applied to organizations and work teams. Please contact Jennie for more information on this.

Michael, formerly the art therapist at the hospital, is trained as a visual and theatre artist, counselor, and shamanic practitioner, and encourages clients to explore the arts as powerful tools for living.