The New JouneyWorks

We are committed to supporting individuals, families, and communities as we collectively navigate the immense challenges we all face in these times of personal and Earth Changes.

After many years of living in the Burlington, Vermont, community, we have moved to Dartmouth, Massachusetts. We will continue to provide services and support to Vermonters, and our Dartmouth, Massachusetts office will formally open in mid January, 2020.

For our Vermont clients we will be offering in office arts and story focused psychotherapy a few days per month (weather permitting), limited teletherapy,  Reiki, shamanic assistance, and classes and workshops.

In Dartmouth we offer expressive arts based coaching and facilitation for individuals, couples, and groups; shamanic aid, including work with the Ancestors and spirits, help with spiritual emergencies,  ceremony, and Reiki sessions and teaching. We offer coaching to individuals, couples, and families, and to those facing challenges created by trauma, illness, or disability.

In both locations we provide support and training for persons and groups engaged in the arts, community building, social change, and the environment.


The Arts: Pathways to Comfort and Joy

Drawing, painting, sculpture, dance, movement, theatre, puppetry, photography, and music are all potent pathways to healing.They provide a safe way of telling one’s story, conversing with differing parts of ourselves, working with a dreams, and engaging the numinous to build resources and resiliency.  They can also increase physical, spiritual, and emotional health, while fostering learning and the development of new skills.

Jennie is an Expressive Arts Therapist and can help you address a range of symptoms including, but not limited to, reducing pain, anxiety, and tension. She uses a broad range of arts, including theatre techniques such as psychodrama and Playback theatre, to help clients clarify issues and chart new directions for health. While commonly used for personal growth, the Expressive Arts Therapies can also be applied to organizations and work teams. Please contact Jennie for more information on this.

Michael, formerly the art therapist at the hospital, is trained as a visual and theatre artist, counselor, and shamanic practitioner, and encourages clients to explore the arts as powerful tools for living.

About Our Work

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At Journeyworks we welcome clients irrespective of their race, class, ethnicity, sexual/gender orientation, or socioeconomic status. We offer Reiki, Shamanic Aid, Life Coaching, and opportunities to learn skills in these arts. In Vermont we provide Expressive Arts and Narrative Therapy based counseling and psychotherapy.


We provide consultation and support to organizations seeking to foster community.

Jennie’s work is firmly grounded in Reiki and the Expressive Arts, while Michael draws on Shamanism, the Arts, and Narrative ideas. We often work together when seeing couples and families.

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Support for Couples and Families

We offer counseling and life coaching for couples and families who find themselves embroiled in conflict or discouragement, or who are facing illness or hard times. Our work combines Narrative ideas, the Expressive Arts , and concern for spirit so that we may best address your needs. We focus on shared values, history, dreams, and aspirations as pathways to joy and ease. As part of our work together, we may suggest a ritual or ceremony to soothe hurts, to mark an important life event, or acknowledge an accomplishment or transition in your life together.