Shamanic Aid

We are all shaman, capable of opening our hearts to Mother Earth and the Creator, of becoming hollow reeds that support the well being of self and others.

We are each an expression of Nature, of Creation, each perfect. Like trees in the forest we are given shape and character by the conditions we encounter, and, like them, we are each beautiful in our own unique way. Our lives are a conversation with the Ancestors, the First Ones, and the Creator. The challenges we face, the suffering and hardships we endure, and the joys we experience are all meaningful and sacred. In our lives there is always the possibility of healing, of returning to balance, of remembering the wisdom of the Ancestors, the Directions, and the Great Weathers. That is the journey.

I studied for many years with shamans and curadera/os from many traditions including: Amazonian, Mayan, Huichol, and Siberian.

I work with individuals, couples, families, and groups. I encourage those who ask me for aid to seek a vision of healing. Together, we draw from the wisdom of our Ancestors, our own creativity, and from the traditions of our cultures.

When you come to see me we will  speak together about your life, and the values, experiences, and aspirations you hold dear. We may journey to consult the spirits, prepare ceremony, or utilize energy work to soothe and mend the body, mind, and spirit. Perhaps we will ask the aid of the plant beings, and if appropriate, your friends and family. Always you will be encouraged to turn to Nature and Creativity for guidance.

Healing, like life itself, is a journey; perhaps I can walk with you some of the way. With permission, I may ask my life partner, Jennie to join me in working with you, as together we can offer more than either of us can alone. I often make recommendations as to what I believe might be useful, yet the journey is yours, and only you can decide what is best.

I will gladly collaborate with your support team: health care provider, psychotherapist, clergy, or other persons in order to support you on your journey.

I offer workshops and training in the use of shamanic approaches to meeting life’s challenges, as skills in education and health care, for repairing inter-generational wounds, and for expressing gratitude to Pachamama (Mother Earth).

I offer shamanic aid both in person and at a distance, and often work with my wife, Jennie.

I do not charge for shamanic aid; rather, I invite those who can to make a donation to cover my time and expenses. I am often asked what constitutes a fair donation. I suggest you decide what you might be able to readily afford on a scale of $5-200 for a session, and donate that amount. If I need to travel I ask that you keep in mind the added time and expense.

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