More about Psychotherapy


Pyschotherapy may include:

Shamanic Healing and Ceremony: Accessing your own deep healing capacities, requesting the aid of spirit beings who care about your welfare, and expressing gratitude for your life and their aid.

Narrative Therapy and Word Medicine: Embracing of the lost and neglected stories that tell of one’s deeply held dreams, aspirations, and preferred ways of living, while challenging the influence of problems in one’s life.

The Expressive Therapies: Engaging writing, music, visual arts, puppetry, photography, and theatre in one’s search for wholeness.

Imaginal Work: Using deeply focused inner-work to engage the wisdom of the Imagination.

Focusing: The practice of learning to pay attention to the body’s knowing and capacity for healing.

Shamanic Journey Work: Employing the shamanic journey to connect with spirit, Nature, Ancestors, and teachers, and to seek support for healing.

Parts-Work: Embracing forgotten or marginalized aspects of Self, so that a greater sense of unity and wholeness can emerge into life.

The Medicine Wheel: Understanding one’s life as a journey that touches the Four Directions as understood by the peoples of the Northeast.

Trauma Informed Healing and Therapy: We pay close attention to the ways trauma may influence our work together, and utilize the evolving understanding of trauma therapy to heal the traumatic injuries in your life.