My work as a psychotherapist is grounded in the arts, in shamanic approaches to healing, and in the Narrative therapies. It is focused on story and spirit, and is Trauma Informed.

Central to shamanic and Narrative ideas about healing is the belief that “the person is not the problem; the problem is the problem.” In these traditions, the focus is on the stories one holds dear, one’s preferred values and ways of living, and how these can become the locus of one’s life. The old stories that hold one hostage are challenged, and space is created for stories, and ways of living, that are more true to one’s unique vision and preferred ways of living. Always, the person asking for aid is seen as the expert in their own experience, while the healer or therapist is a consultant and companion on the journey.

As my approach to psychotherapy is shamanism informed, we will work together to awaken The Healer Within You. We will draw on your life experience and wisdom, and will seek support and guidance from those who care deeply for you.


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Please Note:  Many shamanic ideas and techniques can be useful in psychotherapy, and we can discuss including them in our work together.