Michael Watson

I am a psychotherapist, life coach, facilitator, educator, and visual and theater artist. One side of my family identified strongly as Native, but withheld our tribal heritage from us. I was raised without tribal identity or affiliation, or contact with other Native people.  The other side identified as European and settler.  In childhood I had a life-threatening case of Polio, an experience that taught me much about challenge, struggle, and healing, and continues to inform my work.

I have been a shamanic practitioner for almost forty years, and have learned from many generous teachers. I work with Nature and the spirits to aid individuals, families, and communities to find healing and ease, in the present, and for generations past. My work reflects the teachings of my family and my teachers, rather than the knowledge of any singular tradition or tribe.

I am a Vermont Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and have worked, since 1980, in both impatient and outpatient mental health settings. My chemotherapeutic work is deeply informed by my experience with traditional healers, is trauma informed, and draws from Narrative Therapy and the arts.

My life partner, Jennie Kristel, and I work together with couples and families, and with individuals who are facing life crises, trauma, or serious illness.

My work is firmly rooted in my family’s life ways, and in the healing traditions of my teachers.  At its center is an abiding faith in the transformative power of story, the capacity of Nature to fill us with ease and joy, and the ongoing immediacy of the Creator, Ancestors, and spirits. Whether our time together involves shamanic aid and  curanderismo, psychotherapy, life coaching, or facilitation we will honor the creative presence of the sacred in your life.

Brief psychotherapy is available to Vermont residents via periodic office visits and teletherapy. Life coaching, consultation, and facilitation is offered in person in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and elsewhere via teleconferencing or telephone.

Learn more about Shamanic Aid, my approach to Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, and Facilitation or my family.

Please Note:  Many shamanic ideas and techniques can be useful in psychotherapy. However, traditional shamanic practice is not currently considered within the scope of practice for psychotherapy and may not be covered by insurance.