Expressive Arts Therapy

For centuries the arts have been known for their healing power. The Expressive arts therapy is used very successfully with individual and groups. Using the arts will enable you to find a safe place to engage with the numinous, build resources and resiliency, and remind you of the inner light that you have. dsc03727

Expressive arts therapy includes drumming, movement, drama (including Psychodrama and Playback Theatre), vocal sounding, or drawing and  painting, creating sculpture, and making poetry or other creative writing.

DSCF0046Come into our studio! Work with your whole life experience. Creating Art helps to support a deeper sense of inner breathing and emotional stability, and encourages healthy, happy relationships. This in turn will help you to create more harmony, balance and joy in your life. One way we might do this is by using theatre techniques to understand the diversity of roles we play in our inner and outer lives. Then to paint  what that was like; then write or journal about the experience.   Exploring life through the arts can help you to clarify issues, work with a current or past life situations,and begin to develop a sense of  community. Both theatre and the visual arts utilize movement, gesture and expression to facilitate positive change in ourselves and in the groups in which we work and live. They can also increase physical, spiritual, and emotional health, while fostering the development of new skills.img_0020

In entering therapy, you are investing in yourself and your future.  The use of the expressive arts can help you see things about yourself that might be missed in simple conversation.  I will support as you as you develop insight into your artistic creations, and aid you in finding and giving voice to your true Self.


*The arts and theatre can also be applied successfully to support organizations and work teams. Please contact Jennie for more information on this.