Jennie Kristel

I paint because I need to. If I didn’t paint, I would die”. Paul Klee

1-IMG_6531Hello- Thank you for coming to JourneyWorks.

Since high school,I have known that I wanted to integrate the arts and therapy in my  life work. As an artist and therapist, I have evolved my work into an integrated model of expressive arts, Energy work, Reiki and healing.

Sometimes people find themselves overwhelmed by the intensity of their emotions or life experiences. Everyone has the ability to find wholeness and the right to have support on the journey. Working with a Jungian and narrative  lens, and a  Person Centered, co-creative approach we will utilize the Expressive Arts, Ceremony,  and Reiki, I will support you in creating the path that is right for you. In partnership with my husband and colleague, Michael Watson, LCMHC, I offer psychotherapy sessions for individuals, couples and families; short-term groups, workshops, as well as seasonal ceremonies. I have a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy and a certificate in Social Ecology. I am accredited as a Playback Theatre Trainer and am a Registered Expressive Arts therapist. I have been in private practice since 2000.

Prior to this I worked as a postpartum care Doula and  hospice care. For a number of years I was an at home mom, at times home schooling my children. I am a teacher, at  Lesley University and internationally, since 2003. I am a wife, stepparent, grandmother and professional artist specializing in printmaking.  Being a practicing Buddhist, and a Jew raised in the shadows of the Holocaust, and having mild Cerebral Palsy since birth has deeply shaped my perspective  as well as my work.

My work is a cohesive and unique form of therapy that will support you in addressing life challenges including:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Grief
• Chronic pain
• Spiritual needs
• Recovery from major illnesses
• Trauma
• Life transitions
• Disability issues

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