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At JourneyWorks, we offer a circle of safety and arts based creativity in which clients can heal from suffering, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. We provide counseling, bodywork, ceremonies and workshops, all with the common aim of generating ease, joy and resilience. Our approach is uniquely client-centered; we believe that all people have the inner knowledge necessary to restore wholeness. As therapists and healers, we bring skills, guidance and support to the process in service to clients’ journeys.


Everyone has the ability to find wholeness, and everyone has the right to support on the journey. Working in a co-creative and collaborative approach, we will support you in creating the path that is right for you.

People come to us for differing reasons and with differing needs. Many come in needing physical, spiritual or emotional support and relief. Some are very clear that they want to use one or all of the expressive arts. Some simply want to use energy work and not speak. Others only want to use talk therapy. Some want to use all of it.  Sometimes we make suggestions we believe may be useful;  other times we are guided by the client. Through creative exploration, the process of healing can take many shapes. Perhaps a performance is created, an art piece made, or a ritual performed that encapsulates the process of healing.

We work with clients dealing with:

  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Women’s issues
  • Trauma
  • Medical recovery
  • Disability

Jennie offers expressive arts therapy sessions, Reiki, short-term groups,  and creativity workshops.

Michael offers shamanic healing, and individual and family therapy.

We both offer professional trainings. We often work together to aid couples and families, and persons facing serious illness. We offer long distance healing as well as in-person assistance. Several times each year we hold seasonal ceremonies.