The New JouneyWorks

We are committed to supporting individuals, families, and communities as we collectively navigate the immense challenges we all face in these times of personal and Earth Changes.

After many years of living in the Burlington, Vermont, community, we have moved to Dartmouth, Massachusetts. We will continue to provide services and support to Vermonters, and our Dartmouth, Massachusetts office will formally open in mid January, 2020.

For our Vermont clients we will be offering in office arts and story focused psychotherapy a few days per month (weather permitting), limited teletherapy,  Reiki, shamanic assistance, and classes and workshops.

In Dartmouth we offer expressive arts based coaching and facilitation for individuals, couples, and groups; shamanic aid, including work with the Ancestors and spirits, help with spiritual emergencies,  ceremony, and Reiki sessions and teaching. We offer coaching to individuals, couples, and families, and to those facing challenges created by trauma, illness, or disability.

In both locations we provide support and training for persons and groups engaged in the arts, community building, social change, and the environment.


4 thoughts on “The New JouneyWorks

  1. You will be dearly missed by me and many, many other people here in Vermont! Best of luck with your newest transformation. I look forward to following your journey.

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