Upcoming Changes at JouneyWorks

After many years of providing psychotherapy and education to the Burlington, Vermont community, we will be closing our Vermont offices on October 24th, 2019. We are profoundly honored to have held so many of your stories, and walked alongside so many of you on your life journeys. We will miss you and our work here deeply.

While we are closing our Vermont offices, we intend to remain connected to the Burlington community, and plan to continue to offer services, including teletherapy, shamanic assistance, and distance Reiki. We expect to be in Burlington periodically and to be available for meetings and classes when we are in town.

So, where are we going? We are moving JourneyWorks to Southeastern Massachusetts in order to be near family, to focus more on our art, and to explore new ways of supporting individuals, families, and communities as we collectively navigate the immense challenges we all face in these times of Earth Changes.

We’re not yet sure what the new version of JourneyWorks will be. We will continue to offer expressive arts based facilitation for persons and groups.  We envision strengthening our shamanic work, enriching Jennie’s Reiki practice and teaching, and increasing our coaching services for persons and groups focused on the arts, social change, and the environment. We are also excited to offer coaching to couples and families, and to persons and families facing trauma, illness, or disability.

Stay tuned for updates as we move into this next life stage.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Changes at JouneyWorks

  1. You will be dearly missed by me and many, many other people here in Vermont! Best of luck with your newest transformation. I look forward to following your journey.

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