Reiki and Shamanic Aid

Jennie and Michael approach spiritual aid and energy work from differing, yet compatible, traditions.

Jennie approaches healing from Reiki, which seeks to bringing universal life energy to the aid of the client who lies or sits, fully clothed during the treatment.  As a Reiki Master, Jennie gently moves and directs universal energy, clears unwanted or unhealthy energy from the client, and encourages profound relaxation and healing.

Both Jennie and Michael offer shamanic support. Michael works with the spirits, Nature, and the Ancestors to aid individuals, families, and communities. Traditional shamanism seeks to support persons in coming to a place of comfort, ease, and joy. When life brings suffering, trauma, illness, loss, or hardship to others, the shaman may ask the spirits and Ancestors for aid. Through conversations with the spirits, energy work, ritual, and ceremony, the shamanic practitioner supports profound change. Michael says that often one session resolves problems, although more complex issues may require additional visits.

At JourneyWorks Jennie and Michael often integrate Reiki and shamanic aid, energy work, counseling, and the arts into their work.  They work with individuals, couples, families, and groups, both alone and together.  Their work is trauma informed. Over the years they have found the combination of Reiki, shamanic support, and psychotherapy to be a powerful method for addressing the lasting effects of  trauma, loss, and illness.


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