Winter Solstice Gathering

Winter Solstice Gathering and Fire Ceremony

Friday, December 22, 6:30-9 pm

Once again we approach the Winter Solstice, with its darkness and cold, and with it the promise of returning light. We know that for many this year seems especially difficult, and the darkness deep. This makes coming together to share stories and friendship even more important.Please join us at our home, on Friday, December 22nd, as we gather to share the warmth of community and acknowledge the blessings of Grandfather Fire.  As part of the evening we will conduct a fire ceremony. All who wish will have the opportunity to feed Grandfather all they wish to release or let go of, as well as their hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the coming year. As part of the ceremony there will be a healing for any who request one.

Bring twigs for the fire, flowers, food, and gifts for the altar, and vegetarian food or drink to share. Ask us for directions to our home.
Please share this as you feel moved.

RSVP’s  Please! 860-6203 or

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