Reiki Share

Thursday, 10/12; 6:30-9 pm.

Location: JourneyWorks

Led by Jennie

An evening of meditation and energy, a time for Reiki practitioners of any level to offer and received Reiki, and to offer Reiki Energy to community and the world.  Free.


Reiki I Training

5 Wednesdays: October 11,18, 25, November 1, and 8

Location: JourneyWorks

Led by: Jennie

Reiki (pronounced ray-ki) is an ancient form of healing that originated in Tibet then brought to Japan, where the form was further developed by Master Mikao Usui. Reiki is a universal Life Energy that connects all living beings and is passed down and taught as a gentle and powerful and empowering form of healing for the body, mind and soul. Many people learn Reiki for self-healing. The desire to learn is often a deeply personal one. With a Reiki I certificate, a person can do Reiki for themselves, family, friends and pets. Students will learn the history of Reiki, given Reiki I attunements and develop their personal connection with Reiki. $150.00

Empower yourself with the art of Reiki! Fee: $150.00 Registration Required.

Playback Theatre: Storytelling in Action.     

Oct. 21; 10-4:30

Location: JourneyWorks

Led by: Jennie

Playback theatre is a form of interactive, improvisational theatre that invites the audience or group members to tell stories from their lives. Through the Playback form, a person’s story is told and acted for them in the context of healing, community building social justice and shared experience. These stories come magically alive through music, movement, action and dialogue. This artistic and aesthetic response strives to elevate and unite people in a place where the heart matters most.

In this one day workshop, participants will learn the basic forms, history and applications of Playback Theatre using our own personal moments as a springboard for creative action.

An ongoing  Playback theatre group may be formed afterward with interested group participants. $50. Registration Required.


Day of Dead Gathering and Ceremony

Thursday, November 2; 6:30-9 pm

Location: Our Home

Led by: Jennie and Michael

We gather to acknowledge those beings who have passed into spirit. Bring your loved ones/ancestors favorite food or drink, flowers, and photos or other memorabilia for the altar, and vegetarian food or drink to share. Ask us for directions to our home. RSVP’s appreciated. Free.


Working With the Ancestors: Nurturing Spirit, Creativity, and Compassion in a Time of Profound Loss

Saturday, November 4; 9-noon

Location: JourneyWorks

Led by: Michael

The Ancestors are often eager to be of aid. They have experienced hardship, fear and loss, and can be of enormous support in challenging times. Learn to invite them into your life, and to allow them to provide encouragement and healing, to teach compassion, and to support you in being creative in challenging times. By Donation. Registration Required.

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