Care for the Whole Person

dsc03724You are a marvelously complex being, composed of spirit, mind, and body.

We will work with you as a whole person. We will support you in bringing body, spirit, and mind into harmony. Our integrative approach honors your beliefs, life experience, and preferred ways of living.

We invite you to work closely with us as we decide which modalities will best support your journey.

Reiki and Energy Work focus on bringing comfort by balancing and enlivening the energy fields of the body, and resolving past events.

Shamanic Healing works with the spirit realms to bring comfort, joy, and ease to those who need it, to soothe suffering, and to support each person in awakening the Wise Healer Within.

Psychotherapy helps us understand our life experiences and address the psychological and emotional issues we face.

Life Coaching help us remember our guiding stories, become more resilient, and chart new directions for our lives.

The Expressive Arts awaken our creativity, support us in finding new ways to understand our life journeys, and encourage joy and play.

Learn more about Jennie’s work!

Learn more about Michael’s work!

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