Meditation for a Sane and Peaceful World

Mondays, 6P1060315:15 to 7:30

Led by Jennie

Around the world this year we have seen war, strife, environmental degradation, racism and world-wide panic and hatred not seen in many decades. Many have been challenged to find hope. In light of the importance of the shifting politics in our world, and the changing of the guard in the US. we have decided to open up JourneyWorks to any one needing respite and a quiet place. To pray and/or meditate for World Peace.
From 6:15 -7:30 Every Monday, we will offer a space for meditation and prayer, and quiet art making. Come as you are and meditate as you do to support bringing positive energy for Self, and Sanity and Peace o the World. At the end, we will come together as a group and offer a Blessing, prayer, Energy to the world together. May Peace Prevail!

For information: 802-860-6203,

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